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I am happy to share key data and algorithms from published papers. If you cannot find what you are looking for, just contact me.

  1. Getting started with PATSTAT Register
    - The MySQL source code hosted on GitHub.
  2. An introduction to the PATSTAT database with example queries
    - The test database in MS Access as well as the MySQL source code
  3. The worldwide count of priority patents: A new indicator of inventive activity
    - Count of priority filings by country of inventor, 1980-2011 (Excel file). The data is visible in Google Public Data.
    - Raw patent data with recovered country of inventor (CSV file to upload into Patstat)
      (April 2011) (October 2012) (October 2013)
    - MySQL source code to recover missing data (SQL file) - see also the FAQ.
  4. On the price elasticity of demand for patents
    - Dataset on patent fees at the EPO, JPO and USPTO, 1980-2007 (Excel file).