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What's next?

You can download some of my recent working papers. If you have seen me present a paper that is not on this list, feel free to contact me directly.

  1. A study of the role of fees on the quality of patent applications,
    with Adam Jaffe
    Download NBER Working Paper 20785
  2. A study of congestion in patent offices,
    with Alexandra Zaby
    Download Working Paper
  3. A study of the measurement of patent quality,
    with Adam Jaffe and Elizabeth Webster
    Download NBER Working Paper 22244
  4. A study of foreign bias in the issuance of patent applications in China,
    with Emilio Raiteri
    Download Working Paper
  5. A study of the price sensitivity of trademark filings,
    Download Working Paper
  6. A study of R&D offshoring,
    with Russell Thomson
    Download Working Paper
  7. A study of the depreciation rate of R&D,
    with Adam Jaffe
    Download NBER Working Paper 23071